New to Church?

We understand how hard it is to come through the door of a church for the first time and want you to feel at home, so here are a few pointers on what to expect:

Wear whatever you like. Most of the congregation are dressed quite informally.

Wear whatever you like. Most of the congregation are dressed quite informally.
Click the link to The Seed, our weekly Newsletter, for times and types of services. The words for the service, hymns and songs will be shown on the projector screen and we live-stream most of our Sunday services. Please sit wherever you like.

We aim to be child (and parent!) friendly at every service, so we don’t mind a few background distractions, and there is a creche area with some toys at the back of church to interest toddlers. Please bring children up for a blessing during communion, if you wish to.

Most services last an hour or so, and there is always coffee or tea afterwards in the hall. If you need to slip out at any time, no one will mind. Toilets are in the Christ Church Centre, through the back door, including a full disabled toilet and nappy changing facilities.
There is an induction loop for the hard of hearing. Switch your hearing aid to the T position.

We welcome all to come to communion who are followers of the Lord Jesus and take communion in another church.  If you are unsure what you believe, you can come up to the communion rail for a blessing and simply keep your hands down rather than raising them to receive the bread and wine. Or remain seated if you prefer. If you have mobility problems and cannot come to the communion rail, just let the Warden know so that communion can be brought to you.

The upkeep of the church is dependent on voluntary giving, so we usually have an offering bag passed around during the service. We also have an electronic pay machine at the back of the church and a JustGiving page where donations can be made. We encourage our congregation to donate by planned giving in the form of direct debit payments.