Ласкаво просимо, всі наші українські друзі. Будь ласка, приєднуйтесь до нас у неділю вранці о 10 ранку, щоб поклонятися разом. Запрошуються всі діти та молодь.

Будь ласка, приєднуйтесь до нас для Божественної Служби Українська Автокефальна Православна Церква о 13:00 в неділю 24 липня.

Ви перебуваєте в наших молитвах в цей важкий і сумний час для України і особливо молитися про Божу охорону для всіх тих, кого ви любите і піклуєтеся.

(Будь ласка, вибачте переклад Google!)

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Forthcoming services

Below you will find a list of the coming services.  All are welcome to join us either in church or through the live streamed services.  Click the image to watch them at the times advertised.  [All live streaming is done through YouTube.]


Welcome to Christ Church South Nutfield


Christ Church is a thriving centre of Christian life and activity and seeks to be a spiritual caring heart to our village community. Our congregation spans ages 0-90+ and we welcome all: those of the Anglican faith, those from other Christian traditions, those who are seeking faith and those who are merely curious.

We would describe ourselves as being on the evangelical end of the Anglican church spectrum, but as a parish church for all local people, seek to offer a variety of styles of Sunday worship, plus other weekday activities. You are welcome to join us at any of our services and there is always an opportunity for a cuppa and chat afterwards.

Sunday Services

Christ Church has a service every Sunday at 10.00 am, following a fixed monthly schedule. Music for worship on 2nd and 3rd Sunday mornings is led by our worship band with modern songs. On the 1st, 4th and 5th Sundays it is led by the organ and choir with more traditional hymns.

Our Church Family Service on the 2nd Sunday of each month is especially geared up to include our children and be accessible and informative for all ages.

Children’s Groups and Services

Our children’s groups normally meet twice a month in term time, on 1st and 3rd Sundays (and also on 5th if there is one.) The children come into church for communion towards the end of the service.

We all join together for our Church Family Service on the 2nd Sunday each month.

Little Fishes is a short service for families/carers with children 0-3 on the first Sunday each month. We have songs, story, game, craft, with chat and refreshments after. It takes 30 minutes and then families can choose to stay with us for refreshments or go into church for communion.

Rise and Shine is a short service particularly suitable for primary school children and their parents, held at 9.00am on the fourth Sunday of every month, which includes activities, and is followed by breakfast.

Home Groups

Belonging to a home group is probably the best way of growing as a Christian. A primary purpose is to study the bible but also provide the chance to discuss those questions about faith which need a more in-depth consideration than can be given on a Sunday.


Open House

Open House is aimed at post Alpha candidates, parents/carers/commuters and young adults who find the usual mid week home groups difficult to attend because of work, college and/or young family commitments.

It provides an opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere, to encourage us in our faith, to deepen our knowledge, to grow in the love of Jesus and to be part of a caring and supportive group.  The sessions give time to learn about the bible through The Bible Course, for discussion and worship too.

Open House takes place in the Thompson Room, on the 1st Saturday of each month, 4.50pm, with sessions commencing at 5pm, finishing at 6.30pm.

Sunflower Cafe

The Sunflower Cafe offers everyone a welcome from 10.30 to 12 noon every Wednesday morning in the Christ Church Centre, with tea or coffee and cakes, and the chance to get to know other people in the village. Once a month this incorporates the Hear Here hearing aid service.

Watch the video to see what you are missing!

New to Church?

We understand how hard it is to come through the door of a church for the first time and want you to feel at home, so click the button for a few pointers on what to expect…