Lent Course 2022

We held a series of discussions on Tuesday evenings during Lent 2022 on the topic of “What Next?”  There is a great deal of uncertainty in the world in general about what happens when we die; where is my life, the world, the universe going?  Many of us who have been Christians for many years are not sure of the answers.  The Bible holds the key but that too sometimes unpacking and clarification.  The sessions were held at Christ Church from 7:30pm and recorded.  The recorded versions can be seen by following the links.  The recordings are being edited to make them easier to watch.

  • Session 1: – What happens when I die; The choreography of RIP & RIG
  • Session 2: – A new earth – The myth of heaven, don’t give me a harp
  • Session 3: – To hell with Hell – what about the goats?
  • Session 4: – Judgement – putting things right, a cosmic Nuremberg Trial
  • Session 5: – Who crucified Jesus – an angry God or evil people? EDITED
  • Session 6: – Love wins! EDITED

Click the YouTube link below to see the Live Streamed session.

Completed Sessions

Suggested reading:

1. The Great Divorce CS Lewis
Love Wins Rob Bell
Inspired Rachel Evans
Surprised by Hope NT Wright
Evil and Justice of God NT Wright
Inventing Hell JM Sweeney
The Universal Christ Richard Rohr
Falling Upwards Richard Rohr