C-19 Update Page


The COVID-19 pandemic is a fast moving issue facing us all.  The objective of this page is to provide information and support to the parish of Christ Church and the community of South Nutfield.  The information includes:

  • Links to useful information from the government, the Church of England and the community
  • Information on activities and support in the community
  • Information on Christ Church activities including planned live streaming of Sunday services

Please return to this page often as the situation is likely to change rapidly.


  • Loving God,
    source of healing and comfort,
    fill us with your grace,
    that the sick may be made whole,
    that those who care for us may be strengthened,
    that the anxious may be calmed,
    and those most vulnerable be protected
    in the power of Spirit
    in the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Re-opening church

After consultation with the PCC and the Leadership Team, we are planning for public worship to begin again on the first Sunday in August, 2 August, 2020. To do so we have to make a range of arrangements to ensure that we are all safe, that we are adhering to public health and church guidelines, and that we are able to participate in meaningful worship together.

We plan to continue live streaming from the church when public worship resumes to ensure that everyone is included, especially those who do not feel safe to return to church just yet. To help our planning and to give everyone a chance to contribute to arrangements, we have set up a survey which you can access by clicking on the button.

As we return to public worship, things will remain different for some time to come, probably for many months.  This will mean the following:-

  • social distancing (2m) at all times,
  • limit on numbers (30-35 maximum),
  • encouragement to wear face coverings and frequent hand washing,
  • no singing and limited music,
  • communion in one kind only (bread),
  • no post-service tea & coffee etc.,
  • no separate groups (children, youth etc.)

As numbers will be constrained and some of our members will not feel safe to return yet, we are planning to continue live streaming at least until things are normalised.

We are aware that some people will not wish to participate in live streamed or recorded services.  The focus will not be on the congregation but on those leading, reading the Bible, leading intercessions, preaching etc. During times when people go to the front of the church, for example to receive communion, the camera will not be filming them.



Church links

Government information

Information on activities and support in the community

Christ Church activities

Pray each day at 12 noon.  Set your alarm for midday and join in what was traditionally known as the Angelus.  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, stop for a moment and pray for the world, the country, your community, your family and yourself.

Live streaming of services

Click on the link below to see a recording of the  past live streaming services from Christ Church.

Past live streamed services during the Conrona Virus lock down