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Home Groups

Belonging to a home group is probably the best way of growing as a Christian, and we have about 60 people attending them regularly.  A primary purpose is to study the bible (especially now church culture is not to read the bible!)  but also provide the chance to discuss those questions about faith which need a more in-depth consideration than can be given on a Sunday.

We currently have eight home groups meeting locally in the village. Each has a slightly different ethos:

some meet weekly, some fortnightly,

some begin with a meal,

some concentrate on prayer and sharing, others on bible study and discussion,

most meet on Wednesday or Thursday evenings, one for older folk meets on Monday mornings,

some members are regular Sunday church attenders, others are not

numbers vary roughly between 8 and 12.

We believe that these groups, allowing us to build relationships, and pray, share and learn together, are a key focus for spiritual growth. If you’d like to know more about joining a home group, contact Peter Brand: 01737 821900